Lyndsie Alguire is an audiovisual artist based in Montreal. Using found sounds and ambient light, her work bridges the ethereal world to the material one in bittersweet music and photos.

The through-lines in Lyndsie's work have been stillness, vulnerability, and longing. Growing up on classical piano training, she went on to develop a fascination with audio engineering and film photography, dovetailing these mediums into her craft.

Art became a means of making contact; what started in a bedroom found its way into a tangible community. By embracing both stillness and spontaneity, her work creates space for mindfulness. 


Lyndsie has had the pleasure of performing at events for Mutek, Pop Montreal, Never Apart, and Laurence Philomene. 

She won Best Original Score at the 2017 Feel the Reel International Film Festival for "Be My First"

Photo clients include Sofia Zakia.

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